My take on what’s happening in Spain where I often work is that things are moving. There is a blossoming of innovation and creativity and people are uniting and combining energies, experience and talent to discover the undiscovered… again, this is my take on it.

As a Visual Facilitator/Life-Leadership Coach I always return to a big picture perspective in work and life. It’s great it keeps me steady and gives me wider vision. And what I’m seeing and sensing from out here is this: there is clearly a sense that people everywhere are burning off the old to make way for the new. Some are going through some tough stuff while others seem to have opportunities opening out to them in different areas of their lives.

I feel this change occurring now in my own business and we are expanding in the most natural way. It’s like a simple evolution but there is other stuff I’m noticing underneath the surface as we step up and out, and I suspect I’m not alone in this.

So, you have aligned yourself, your mission, your values and your message and you’ve poured them into your business, your project, your life. Things have started to shift outwardly, because you have done the shifting on the inside, and the world is starting to notice you, phone you, demand of you. Suddenly the moment you have been working so hard toward is here. You know where this is going and you think you are ready, but you notice yourself out of sorts. Perhaps you are irritated by a full agenda; perhaps you feel exhausted and have pain in your stomach. Perhaps all this is accompanied by thoughts of wanting to get far away, have a break, disconnect.

You think about all this logically (from the head) and it doesn’t make sense. After all, this is what you’ve been wanting right? Well apparently not or you wouldn’t be feeling so bad!

This of course, all smacks of fear, perhaps fear of success; or fear of change. We all resist change by nature. Even if your head has rationalised it, often there is something unidentified on the inside which is making all your organs ache. Growing pains perhaps!

If you feel this may be where you are just now here are some tips:

1. Identify where you are just now. No need to admit it to anyone else but yourself.

2. Be KIND to yourself. Take little steps in times of great change and stretching and give yourself much needed rest. Ask yourself how much emotional energy you are burning up with the fearful thoughts you carry.

3. Keep asking yourself (your head, your heart and your stomach) what they need each every time you feel off-balance. (We talk all the time to our heads why not talk to other intelligences?)

4. Each time you think you’ve “failed” or that you are not strong enough, ready enough, clever enough, NOTICE the thoughts, breathe in deep to your heart, the place where truth lies, really feel that truth, and turn the “negative thoughts” around – and state them aloud!

And again, remember what you focus on expands.

Make your thoughts expansive – the world wants that of you!



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