Visual NoteTaking Training



Add Visual Recording to your skill-set as a coach, trainer, facilitator or communicator and give your work an extra dimension


Everyone can draw and most of us say we can’t. Our trainings are unique in that you will learn the art of listening which we use when we work. You will discover that you can take visual notes exceptionally well when you master the art of getting out of your own way!

We offer Visual Note-Taking for coaches and organisations.

Some results you can expect:

  • Opens us up to another dimension, a space in-between just beneath the surface of the conversation
  • Put us two steps ahead of our judgements as process professionals and free us up to think more creatively
  • join the dots and connect multiple layers in conversations

Visuals created during a conversation or meeting accompany and entice us into an edge, a new space, a potential waiting to be explored.

Apart from the obvious aid to clearer communication, Visual Note-Taking can also help us to become creative and playful with the misinterpretations we constantly confront. It gets us out of the box or between the lines where we are freer to perceive, reinterpret and recreate possibility.

Why not try it out for yourself?

I invite you to come and join me or invite us to your organisation for a training session.

Some people have said:

“The work opens doors of awareness and understanding. It inspires clarity and effective action and also accelerates deeper understanding of what is being talked about.” Alan Seale, Center for Transformational Presence, USA

“This is such a powerful process that allows the participants “see” what they have “heard” and thus not only adds another dimension for the comprehension of what has been shared, but also deepens the exploration”. Nathalie Bayol, Leadership Coach, Trainer, Paris.

The images inspire conversations and the conversations show up as images. People take ownership of what emerges. The resonance amplifies the possibilities.” David Robinson, Truly Powerful People, USA

“I consistently sat across from a powerful message and personal reminder” Jayne Garrett, Coach/Trainer.


The Workshop Outcomes:

  • Experience and understand how versatile Visual Note-Taking can be within your own leadership, facilitation, training, consulting or coaching role
  • Understand what working visually means and the different contexts in which to use it
  • Surprise yourself at how easy it is to produce something visually satisfying and see how simple it is to integrate into your work
  • Learn how to draw a visual story as the presentation or conversation evolves
  • Learn how to pull out key concepts from conversations
  • Boost your confidence by following your intuition
  • See how the process helps you listen more deeply, make connections and gain insight from what is produced in your Visual Notes
  • Learn how to present your Visual Notes to a group
  • Picking up some pens and have fun

Drawing Competence: 

  • None upwards 

The Trainer:

Vanessa Smith has been working with Visual Notes, Visual Facilitation and Leadership Coaching for companies and individuals now since 2004. She is a facilitator, trainer and leadership coach as well as an artist and now works combining her skills to support effective, awareness and creative shifts for people.



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