Invitation to Transition

Invitation to Transition

The Transition:


“LET GO!!” 
“I am so scared to let go but I can no longer hold and control all of this… THIS just doesn’t work anymore!”


It’s not until, quivering, you take that first step out from behind yourself and your own best kept secret and the safeness that is no longer working for you, that you catch a glimpse of a new terrain in you where the poet, the creator lives. Here nothing is as it was and nothing is promised. Here there is no sense, no safety, no defence. Here you are stripped of your old identity into a place of not knowing. Here, in this new, reorganising terrain, your new identity is not yet revealed… but something bigger than you brought you here and it is here where you free-fall into trust that your new and greatest ally is defencelessness itself.


A paradox perhaps, but at last you are here. At last you have stepped out and arrived at a new place where re-creation can breathe, and stretch, and bring you home again.


Squeeze your eyes tight shut.
Take a deep breath. 
And jump.



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