Audio Visual Communication

You at Essence

Check out our special videos for websites. We combine Visual Minutes, Coaching and Interviewing skills so you express and define who you are to your target audience.

All our work is tailor-made and unique and vary greatly with the people we work with.

Audio Visual Communication


We also make  videos of your event or conference including the making of the visual minutes, the action, the speakers, and the participants.

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 “I hired Crafting Connection for a time-lapse video my company needed to create in record time because we were going to be featured in a prime-time television program in Spain. they did an incredible job by understanding what our business did, and being able to transform our explanations into a beautiful painting that captured the essence of the company and the service we offer. It was definitely the best possible decision we could have made, and we definitely recommend Crafting Connection’s art and experience.”

Justo Hidalgo, Co-founder at



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