Slow down – Staying connected to what is going on around you can be challenging with all the activity going on around us now. Keeping one central image close to you at all times, an image that makes sense of all the other images moving out of control can bring you back to your north, your axis, making meaning in all the complexity. Slow down. 

‘Slow’ and ‘down’ are modes of the soul; they are connective modes, ways of keeping connected to oneself and to one’s environment. ‘Slowing downwards’ refers to more than simply moving slowly. It means growing down towards the roots of one’s being. Instead of outward growth and upward climb, life at times must turn inward and downward in order to grow in other ways… Slowing downwards creates opportunities to dwell more deeply in one’s life, for the home we are looking for in this world is within us all along. The lost home that we are seeking is ourselves.
~ Michael Meade

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