The Soul Portraits Story


Until now there has been no mention of our Soul-Portrait here on the website, perhaps because I thought of them as too much out of the box for people to be interested in.



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Why would someone want to sit with me and have a conversation which I would draw? What would be the value in that?
But I’m starting to get intrigued because people are coming wanting me to draw their Soul-Portrait.


Perhaps they want to be heard, or perhaps they want to hear!

Maybe they want to see or be seen.


Whatever it is, here we are now, together starting this conversation.


 Soul PortraitSoul Portrait Soul Portrait Soul Portrait  Soul PortraitSoul Portrait

“By sitting here without pictures with my eyes closed by you allowing and honouring the silence, pictures came up, words came up.

Soul PortraitYour Soul-Portrait made it possible for me to transform the picture of me running around and the need to act strongly in the doing world, to let my actions in the doing world enable me to do in the being world.

You assisted me and made it possible to make some huge steps that at first appear to be nothing, but then show up for what they are – enormous strides.

By your presence and drawing you enabled me to figure it out not in my mind but in my heart and my guts.

It was covered up and now it’s un-covered, and discovered. From a vague impression there is now sense, clarity, tangibility and integration.” Wiebe Zevenbergen


“Co-creating a SOUL-PORTRAIT with Vanessa is one of the most precious and meaningful gifts you can give yourself. It will bring your essence to life and serve as a powerful guide on the journey of expressing your full potential.” Mark Vandeneijnde

If you would like to continue and are curious to find out more about The Soul Portraits Story, it’s best to just give us a call.

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We will listen as it turns out, that’s what we do really well!!


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