Soul Portrait – The power of conversation is drastically underrated on the surface of our daily doingness and yet each moment actually holds a conversational edge for solid truth to come through and shift the quality and potential of where our conversations might lead us. 

How might we turn away from the periphery of control we believe we have and drop down into the CENTRE where the possibility of creating something else lies? 

The invitation to go there is constantly present with ourselves and others yet we block that invitation by constantly naming things from a place of judgement. But are those judgements really a reflection of reality? 

Our invitation is to leave the periphery and come down into the depth and ask ourselves What is the question you have refused to ask yourself?” (David Whyte)

Our Soul Portrait Collection are drawings created in conversations with leaders either in the community or in their own right. 

The aim is to bring into the light and make VISIBLE that which is often INVISIBLE so that we may rediscover and create anew with our own perfectly intact wisdom. 

We hope that you will find insight, inspiration and ways through from the wisdom we are harvesting from the conversational interviews we are creating. 

The bites of wisdom that come from the interviews as well as from our Visual Coaching are being posted on our Facebook page. Please contact us for your own Visual Coaching session.

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