Today’s Be the Change Cards – Showing Up For Others 

PICK OF THE WEEK: Inspiration for using the cards

Even though I wrote the guidebook I still surprise myself when I read what I wrote as I pick a card for myself each day. This card ‘Showing Up For Others’ is an example of this.

I look at this card at face value; I think of being strong for others, of giving that bit of extra energy away to someone else because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do! It’s what I was taught to do, but life, and especially being a mother, has necessarily changed its application point.

And I look deeper into the card and remember that it is actually about caring from and for the source (my source) first; it’s that point right in the centre which causes the ripple out effect. Showing up for others is about showing up for myself first, as a first port of call before arriving sometimes more indirectly to others.

This reminds me of how I realise I can show up differently by shifting my intention not to support but rather to inspire!

This changes the whole ball game! This makes the whole exercise an energy giver. Just thinking about inspiring others even inspires me!

And so, how do I best do that?

Ok, I’ve got it, thanks! (message to myself)

See you next week.

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