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You are a sensitive superpower. Way back in 2006 a special friend made me see what I couldn’t see about myself which actually turned my whole life around and set me on a new discovery course which I’m still on, peeling layers each day.

Back then I had decided I couldn’t continue studying to become a leadership coach because the work overwhelmed my senses.

I explained all this to my friend concluding that I was just too sensitive to be a coach and work with others.

That’s when he saw what I had been missing.

“Have you ever thought that perhaps your sensitivity is your greatest gift?” he asked.

That was perhaps one of the biggest most liberating gifts anyone has ever given me. Until then my sensitivity was something that just kept getting in the way as I tried to push forward.

The question turned everything around for me including not only how I had been negating and undervaluing myself, but it was like the flip side of my own coin.

I started to entertain the idea that maybe my sensitivity was just what the world so desperately needed and that I could show up as who I am and actually be valued for it!

As I got this on a much deeper level, I started to gradually fall in love with who I am (and stop judging who I wasn’t.)

Bit by bit I would step a little further out into the world with a little more courage to just allow the sensitive to shine. It was incredibly liberating (and always a bit scary!)

I would show up with coaching clients as well as in organisations to offer a type of sensitivity that they were in great need of (which in turn opened up so much potential in them.)

From a personal perspective it was amazing to me that I could do this, but then I realised it wasn’t about me at all. I just had to get over my own stories about myself to be able to show up as my full creative, sensitive self rather than someone I had been told I had to be.

Then the sensitivity started to gain momentum.

As I allowed more of this sensitivity through I realised that it freed me to see, listen and create way better. By deepening into my senses and subtleties, I got more vision, more perspective, and more poetry. I guess it has been like feeding the muse.

Today this discovery has turned into a passion to bring the power of our hugely sensitive human being to the forefront of our worlds and working worlds.

The impact of living as this sensitive being takes time to take root. Initially it can feel so subtle you might think you were imagining it.

With patience, care and conviction in it however, what begins as a weak, subtle signal emerges as a powerful truth and solid platform from which to walk and interact on.

You ARE a sensitive, creative superpower!

This sensitivity is your antenna into the nature and structure of life. It will create a foundation of great beauty, wealth and freedom for you and everyone who connects with it.


I continually offer a “Re-Source” Kit as a way to share these discoveries. Re-Sourcing is about returning home to your own innate knowing and creative source. (I love to play with the meaning of words!)

I share this kit on the networks regularly. You’ll find a rich variety of images, writings, poetry, inspirations as well as my Be the Change Cards, to support you to INspire and encourage your own creative soul to grow and thrive in the world.

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You are a sensitive superpower

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