In keeping with my commitment to honour our BE THE CHANGE CARDS AND GUIDEBOOK more, I write to you to reflect on this morning’s pick of the day – ritual. 

I picked the card and sat, this Monday morning, at the table with my toast and tea. The card lay on the table inviting me to reflect.

As I sat I heard our blackbird outside who has returned for summer, greeting the day. Loving his song, I leaned across and opened the window ever so slightly so his song could also come into the room. I listened to the silence and so did my daughter, snuggled up on the couch, Just tea and silence and space. ahhh…. what a gift!

This, I realised is my daily ritual, one that sets me on my way each day; it’s the pause I take before beginning; it’s the sensing in, the spreading out, the instrument tuning moment. 

“Right then” I thought, “now I’m ready to begin”. And so we stepped into our doingness without too much busyness. 

Thanks for the gentle reminder cards.  

Be the Change Cards


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