leancamp madrid leancamp madrid LeanCamp Madrid Oct 2012

We have just landed from an intense, full and highly creative weekend creating visual notes for the Leancamp Madrid Unconference

I have found it hard to stop the creative flow since putting down the paint brushes, as there is so much that wants to come forth.

In spite or perhaps because of the shifts happening in Spain today, entrepreneurs are getting together and discovering as well as creating new ways of working together (as opposed to – so often – working apart).

The way I see it, there is something really wanting to happen here in Spain, as in so many other countries.

And young people especially are responding by becoming proactive and aware about what is happening.

At the Leancamp Madrid, there was a really sense that we are shaping events mostly by being open to possibility, connections, synergy. That people are becoming aware that we have so much to tap into in terms of human resources which have the power to turn circumstance into opportunity.


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