One to One Coaching Package

Here we work together to breakthrough to new levels of creative action in your life and/or work. You are encouraged to look at your world as the leader of it whether you lead others or not. And as in all of our work, we are always moving toward your creative edge.

This is for you if:

You are tired of trying and pushing and are ready to start simply being and allowing for real expansion in your life, leadership and your team

  • you really want to make a difference
  • you are keen to discover your own creativity and bring it out of the cupboard
  • you are ready to step into being the leader of your own life or the expansive, inspired leader of others
  • you know how important it is for you and for the world to be operating on a whole new level
  • you have a longing to BE operating with much more influence and impact in the world and are keen to be part of creating a world that works

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Nancy Gonzalez (España/México) – Coach

“Vanessa, la sesión pasada de verdad me liberó. Es más, ayer tuve un problema por lo cual la reacción más normal de antes hubiera sido una catástrofe. Pero esta vez me lo tomó como una liberación. Genial! Ahora me siento libre de no tener que superar las expectativas de nadie, puedo seguir mi camino sin equipajes pesados y siento que ese pensamiento llegó gracias a que confió en mí.

Deseo seguir caminando sin dramas, se hacia donde me dirijo y como   quiero hacerlo; desconozco el resultado pero me mantengo caminando.

Muchas gracias por ayudarme de una forma diferente, me siento genial, en paz, unida y fuerte.”

Hannah (Spain)

“The morning we had working together was a pivotal point for me. By the time I went to sleep at night the wisdom or the little shift which turned the screw that I have been agonizing to find, suddenly came to me.

The wrangle suddenly became a release and I felt things clearly – marrying head and heart – it came like a gift in the dessert and my conflict fell away.

It’s all so beautifully simple. I think I’ve hit on something and you have been a crucial part of that…”

Thank you!

Sylvie Dunard (Spain) – Therapist/Healer

“I started working with Vanessa in the middle of a life/business transition that was emotionally very painful. I was dealing with confusion and lack of clarity and confidence. I couldn’t start doing anything. I had lots of ideas but they kept changing. It was exhausting!

When Vanessa helped me to start visualizing the future as a reality, and create inspired steps towards it, using simple tools, I felt very strongly inside that fear was the only thing paralyzing me.

I noticed a big shift from the first to the last session with Vanessa. I became more confident while observing how my fears and doubts decreased and I started to shake myself and take action.

Vanessa has really given me clarity of direction and through working with her I have come to see the power of taking consistent action, even if they are baby steps. I know now that the most difficult part was to start moving, and now it’s done… I’m on my way.

She accompanied and gently guided me through my process and her powerful questions really deepened my understanding and raised my awareness of myself and what I had to do. Thanks to Vanessa, my inner voice has become stronger, coupled with my willingness to recognise and listen to it.

Working with Vanessa is like giving yourself a huge gift. If you feel that you are ready to transform your life or business but don’t know how, Vanessa will help you transform that perspective and make it happen.”

Sylvie Dunard, Terapeuta e instructora de Seitai, Terapeuta Sanacion Reconectiva y la Reconexion, Malaga/Madrid, Syvlie works in Spanish and English  Tel: 661 049 914,

Stacey (USA) –  Coach

“Vanessa far exceeded my expectations as a coach. Having her as my coach provided me with so many examples of how to be an outstanding life coach.

Vanessa is fun, kind, and insightful. She encouraged me to be playful (to incorporate a sense of lightness to my situations) as well as a sense of calmness to the topics we discussed.”


Nancy Honigman (Canada) – Coach

“Vanessa brought beauty and love and compassion to our sessions. I felt her to be a very sympathetic and caring person. With her beside me, I was able to examine issues in my life that I had never vocalized prior to this experience.

I will always cherish this new and very inspiring way of being with another person. It is my opinion that Vanessa has found her life’s purpose in coaching and that she will continue to inspire many people with her gift in the future.

Her suggestions and guidance always felt authentic. I found her questions to be both thought provoking and insightful.

She shared her own experiences which made me feel a sense of cooperation, as if we were in this partnership together and she gave me a safe place to explore and supported me entirely.

Vanessa was patient and supportive every step of the way. She also has a lovely way of articulating which I found to be almost musical.”

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