Today’s Be the Change Cards – JUMP 

PICK OF THE WEEK: Inspiration for using the cards

In my opinion JUMP is one of the most exciting cards in the set because it heralds an exciting opportunity and it also therefore probably generates some edgy (healthy) creative tension!

For me I just picked this card after an inspiring conversation with a colleague about how this creative work I do might help others to flourish within a large organisation. The conversation led to some inspired, almost obvious concrete ways forward for sure. In fact it gave me that sense I get from time to time when I have been looking at something so closely I was unable to see what is actually just sitting there, lying patiently on the ground to be noticed and picked up.

But that’s the outside, that’s a result – nice to have reached – but what we are looking at here is what story it might be uncovering on the inside! This is what I call the ‘real’ story; real because it contains and reflects some bigger truth which, at the end of the day, has the potential to really rock the outside in a far bigger way. (Hence my excitement on picking this card today!)

So as I cast my mind back over the last few weeks I can see how the picking of this card is actually part of a continuum.

“What you focus on expands” something I always repeat to clients because it’s true and really important to remember! Now as I pick this card I realise that actually I’ve been focussing on finding a clue on the path with my business and today feels a bit like I just struck some gold! 

This continuum has led to today and the card is perfect for here and now. For me, it is inviting me to really go for the real thing, to hone my focus even more and deal with whatever it is that has been keeping me from it until now. 

The text for card is exciting also. “Take the first step out from behind yourself and your own best kept secret” it says, “and catch a glimpse of a new terrain in you where the poet and the creator lives…Here in this new reorganising terrain, your new identity is not yet revealed. but something bigger than you brought you here and it is here where you free-fall into a more mature type of trust that your new and greatest ally is defencelessness itself…. Is it a moment you’ve been waiting for?..What could be beckoning you forward, inviting a change or a transformation? Time to choose, time for courage.”

There is something inside us all that knows what’s right, it knows truth, and it knows when that leap of faith is taken everything will be alright! This is one of those moments!


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