Artists observe and listen and ask “What can I make of this?” They receive and perceive from a different perspective. They engage in their task at hand with an on-going joy in the process.

And there’s more! It’s contagious! When we are in the presence of artistry it seems to bring out our own! We find ourselves asking different questions as we start to look with curiosity.

How would your working world look different if the perspective shifted? If you asked: How could I see this differently?

And in the words of Robert Genn 

“The artistic mind, flowing properly, sees the world differently. Call it what you will – synchronicity, serendipity. There’s a higher harmonic. It’s got something to do with receptiveness and alertness. Those who expect, receive. We can leave it to the gods where it comes from. The important thing is to give in to it–allow this dream mind to run free…it’s a desirable and natural state of being. 

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