I just started new dance classes because I want to get more creative! Actually, I want to get more back into being creative and going with the flow again. Ad libbing seems to be the best way I’ve found to learn and grow. I just can’t be me and give my best when I’m stuck in my head. I just worry and get all boxed in and produce nothing of any value and have a miserable time doing it! If I can change the chip in my mind, and get unstuck from following other peoples’ “how to’s”, I somehow arrive.

Here’s the story which comes with a warning. Going with the flow seems to require a certain amount of complete trust in the process. It also requires a total letting go of attachment from your need to get there a certain way. It requires going with the flow, a different flow.

I went to the dance session the other day. It wasn’t a class exactly, at least not the traditional type of class as we know it. The teacher wasn’t giving instructions. 

No, this was completely different. In this class, there were no rules at all. There was only a great sound system and loads of space to move! The music was varied, all sorts of rhythms and melodies from all over the world and across time. Slow beats, fast, jumpy beats, sad, emotive melodies, cool hip hop, tango, Tahitian and South Pacific drumming. It was awesome. 

Since I live in Holland, the teacher asked me if I needed a translation. I suddenly blurted out that that I was going with the flow. I would make it up or ad lib as I went along. 

It was all going well for the first hour but then I noticed I was getting tired so I decided to sit and be still. The music continued and I felt great sitting there, but tired. Then I began again, this time though, I decided to do it differently, partly to conserve my energy. I stopped focussing on how tired I felt, and instead, I focussed entirely on the music, the sounds, the senses. That’s when something shifted. I was no longer tired, that was for sure, and I noticed my attention was free to roam wherever it wanted. 

I had entered a relaxed and connected state which inadvertently opened a door in me to a sort of more expansive awareness. I found the answers to things I had been previously worrying about. These answers just appeared before me without me having to worry or think about them at all. 

People who know me know that I thrive off this stuff. I love learning how we can unlock and unleash our creative, our artist, that one we all have inside us!!! 

We all want to be going with the flow. We all know how good it feels and how much we seem to get achieved when we are in that state. It’s not only a great place to work from, paint from, write from, it’s also how we are when we are in our natural state. It’s where our energy gets recharged for ‘free’, and where we innovate and create from. 

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