“The earth and the sky are out of balance” she said, “I’m so tired of having to answer questions to the world. I feel like a billionaire of the heart, and then nothing happens. Something is not right!”

“I want concrete change. I want to move forward with the new me. Is there something I’m not understanding?

And then as she felt deeper into it she edged closer to her destination. 

“When I step back,” she said, “into the trust in my heart, the rest of the world can’t affect me and I am fully myself. I don’ t have to explain myself to anyone. The earth and the sky are no longer out of balance when my roots sink into my heart. I am the Lover Warrior”.

We all have our own language, our own story and our own particular way of expressing ourselves. This client had hers and as she expressed herself she discovered her way through.

So can you. It feels like it’s time to start that journey.

If it’s time for you to start to step into that self that type of knowing, we would be happy to create the space and the listening for that to emerge.


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