Artists need freedom. Without it there is no room to create. It doesn’t get much worse when an artist feels there is not exit. In fact it can seem like your very existence is at stake.

Someone helped me the other day crack through the thicket I had found myself in. And it was just what I needed.

I needed someone else to help me see it all from a much higher perspective than I was seeing it all from down here on ground level.

A crack appeared and the light came in. Ahhhhh. Thank you Luz!

So I knew I wanted to share this with you and pass on the hope and the light that you also have in you.

I wanted a picture that would anchor it in for me, and I thought of an inverted pyramid with all the important, big words that resonate in me, at the top; those words that are the soul that is actually are driving this show forward consciously or unconsciously.

At the bottom I then put all the small words, which are not mine at all, but are those of others, spoken or heavily implied. Then I thought, if I cut a tiny hole out of the bottom of the pyramid, those small, unwanted “should” words would fall away leaving that which matters, those words which give wings to the rest.

By cutting that tiny hole out of the bottom of this picture, perhaps you might also free yourself from the noise and connect with the clarity of what actually wants to happen now in a much much bigger way.

You are so much bigger than your challenges.


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