Today’s Be the Change Cards – If You Have a Source of Trust you can take on more Responsibility – inspiration for using the cards.

Well, let’s see…

The word TRUST jumps out at me when I look at the card. It looks solid and strong. And then I think of me right now and where I am really feeling TRUST in my body and perhaps where I am not.  For me it’s not about the thought of trusting but rather the feeling of it. It has to be what I actually carry around with me each day, and what I share with the world. Otherwise I don’t believe I will be growing trust at all. 

Who is this card asking me to trust? 

ME! It’s asking me to get to a really solid, strong sense of ME. Without that how will I be growing? And, what is it that I could TRUST more? 

It’s funny because this is an issue that has come up for me over the pass few days and it has had me feeling very uncomfortable about myself. There’s been this uncertainty, this wobbliness in my body. And yet I know that this is a next step for me, this consolidation of being. And as I start to focus in on this, my understanding of it will start to expand and deepen and then so will all that which is in my life right now. But mostly what will grow is my sense of ‘mana’ – the Maori word for inner strength and energy. 

hmm, ok then, breathe it in! 

See you next week.

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