I’ve hit various chunks of gold and it’s high time to share! Because my work starts with people from a different place, a different space, it’s shown me something invaluable. It’s shown me that what we are searching for over ‘there’ is actually right here, ready to access if we have the courage.

Since forever I have had this issue about speaking up. Somehow I couldn’t speak it out so my life became very much in. The adventure inside eventually led me out however. Perhaps ironically, perhaps not, I created a business that is fundamentally about listening and it has led me to harvest and reap the here and now.

So much happens in the absence of words. Listening has taught me about the fullness of silence (which may in fact look like two seconds extra of not speaking). And in all our speaking out, I believe we are really missing some fundamental part of ourselves and the potential for massive shifts in this time where urgency and information overload abound.

I’ve listened into and drawn multiple conversations whether with one or hundreds of people. I hear a lot of brilliance. So many wonderful ideas on how to improve, fix, and even transform things on subjects such as the sorry state of the environment, the massive potential we are holding for deep transformation, to the very personal individual discoveries and breakthroughs.

Let’s face it. Things are heating up in air around us and on the inside of us. The physical environment is on an edge, and that is directly affecting our own human sensing system; we know we need to step up, find an X factor which somehow touches and shifts everything.

The more I do this work, the more I listen and hold space for what is between the lines of what people are saying, the more I see people doing more of the same; good people doing good work trying to fix it, make it better. But all in the same way and then the urgency multiplies. It skyrockets actually.

And so what do you think I see listening into all this from the back of the room? I see so much pushing and so little allowing, so little stepping back, so little trust in a different approach, not because a different approach is not effective, but rather because that different approach seems a little scary. It puts us in an unknown, a place where what will happen next is not clear. So we default back to talking and imposing more of our ideas and move away from the pause, the active deep listening.

I don’t know much, but this I know. We have the ability to turn this whole mess around so fast it would shock us. We have everything we need to create astounding results, massive creativity, connection, healing, and innovation.

We have the ability! The ability is not a ‘what’ it is a ‘how’.

We are running on idea overload. It’s time to address the gap between the noisy visible and the quiet powerful, beautiful non visible.

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