How would you describe the quality of your Christmas this year?

Christmas this year in my little family was the best in a long time!

Being a bit of an analyser, I have wondered what it was that made it different, what subtly shifted to make us seem to gel and flow so naturally?

I wanted to write this on the blog because my answer seems to stretch so much further afield than our place at Christmas this year. In fact it seems to encompass pretty much all of the encounters we have always everyday.

We all gathered in more or less the same way as every year. The same familiar faces, flying in from different places to hang out together for a couple of weeks.

But the immediate feeling was one, which was peaceful and relaxed.

What I believe it was that made this Christmas work so well is that in spite of each of our challenges, and there are some quite big challenges going on, we each seemed to show up for Christmas bringing and therefore giving something good of ourselves; anything from a laugh, a hug, a regular kitchen cleaning session, or just an allowing for others to express themselves without the usual judgement.

It’s hard to put my finger on what it was exactly that made it so positive but there seemed to be a general lack of luggage, of people’s past stories coming in and clouding up the peacefulness.

It’s not what you get but what you bring (of yourself) to each situation that clinches it for me. And we all bring stuff all the time, we’re just not that focussed on the quality of what we bring.

What if we showed up each day at each encounter fractionally focussed on the quality of what we bring to the situation instead of searching for what we might get out of it?

What might result and how might it shift what we feel about what we thought we already knew?

Just asking.



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