Vanessa Jane Smith

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Discovering, Mapping, Transforming

Visual Facilitation/Consulting, Big Picture Thinking, Coaching/Training

Nothing is fixed, everything is malleable and re-workable.

What we do and who we think we are is an on-going ArtWork. 

Over the years I have come to see that I carry a space with me which I hold for clients to work and re-create in. As I facilitate visually for clients the process makes me listen very deeply and opens doors for bigger insights, larger questions, with more inspired and aligned results. 

I turn concepts into visuals and metaphors that people can relate to and identify with. For me the world is a connected networked and I like to join dots, and map out potential and often unseen possibility for people.

In appreciating the messiness of situations, and holding the “not knowing” long enough, complexity is simplified and becomes more manageable so processes can flow and we can gain from them.


 Originally from New Zealand, Vanessa lives and works in Europe in English and Spanish

2008 onward -Visual Facilitation, Consulting, Coaching, Training, Audio Visual Development

2011  – Transformational Leadership Coach Training Centre for TPLC, Netherlands

2010  – Marketing Coach Training, USA

2008  – Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Academy


1992  – Won the Media Peace Award for her documentary “Winter of the Mind” 

1993  –  Documentary making at CESE – environmental NGO, Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México

1993  – Bachelor of Communication Studies, AV Comm. Auckland University of Technology

1989  – Royal Society of Arts English Language Certificate TEFL, United Kingdom

I specialise in Transformational Leadership Coaching and Big Picture Thinking and work with organisations and individuals


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