Vision Quest 2018


CLARIFY     DECIDE     COMMIT     2018


2017 has been a year of great shifts for so many of us. I have seen it in my own life and in the lives of those close to me and the with clients. These shifts have all begun on the inside, they have all been initiated with a decision and a commitment to transform once and for all. The Vision-Quest Session will bring clarity to the steps you need to take.

Many women I know in particular are really beginning to step forward and commit most powerfully to the work they are here to do and the gifts they bring the world. And collectively, we seem to be stepping into a different way of looking at our lives and the things showing up each day. We seem to be rising above the level of action and reaction and looking for a ‘third way’ through which also offers us the breakthrough we need.

This makes me very excited about how this is going to play out in 2018 for us all! 

And of course it’s that time of year again where I offer my Vision-Quest Session for the coming year. It’s a chance for you to clarify, decide and commit to deep transformation and profoundly new results.


“You assisted me and made it possible to make some huge steps that at first appear to be nothing but then show up for what they are – enormous strides. Your presence and drawing enabled me to figure it out not in my mind but in my heart and my guts.” Wiebe Zevenbergen


Invitation to the Vision-Quest

  • Is this a good time for you to step back, check in, and ‘draw out’ your vision for the coming year? 
  • What would you stand to gain? What would your relationships, and your work stand to gain?
  • What would you like to bring forward and create?
  • Are you ready to really CLARIFY, DECIDE, & COMMIT? 


Gift yourself or a loved one a Vision-Quest for 2018

 What is it?

A service and a product: a one off individual creative leadership session with your own visual map drawn from the session. 

How does it work?

  • Reflect on 2017
  • Then we will literally step into the potential showing up in you and see what wants to happen next
  • Create powerful and directed steps toward that potential
  • Create a Visual Map or Big Picture of the whole session which will serve as an anchor for you to centre back into in the year to come

How long is the session?

1.5 hours

When can I do it?

Book in a Vision-Quest Session with us before 30 January 2018


If this clicks with you please give us a call to see if we are a match to create this together


“My windows were cleaned again and they are crystal clear now. It was an experience in clearing your vision like taking a special cloth and cleaning your glasses” Lucy Bosscher, Aspire Pilates

“After the Vision-Quest things feel connected and possible whereas before there were hurdles in my way. I feel that I am flowing, open and expanding into the future and can see now my past, present, and future.” Emily Bingley

“A truly powerful, insightful and deeply intense session full of revelations and connections from which I emerge feeling both motivated for the future and serene about the now!” Julie Kennedy – Kennedy Personal Coaching