Chaos vs Order

  Chaos, Order… Order, Chaos.  The chaos we feel is just chaos, until it is replaced with order. It is the reorganising force of nature.  Somedays your life, your work, will feel like this painting, all bits and pieces and mess, like rusty leaves flying madly on a gusty day.  Someday though, it all comes […]

Soul Portraits

The power of conversation is drastically underrated on the surface of our daily doingness and yet each moment actually holds a conversational edge for solid truth to come through and shift the quality and potential of where our conversations might lead us.  How might we turn away from the periphery of control we believe we have and drop […]

The Rites of May

The Rites of May were carried out every spring in England and other European countries. They took place on 1 May when in some countries it was said that witches went out and brought back spring. The Rites were a celebration of new life where people played, feasted and danced around the Maypole. They made […]


I felt the strain in my legs and a deepening of breath. I hadn’t been walking up this mountain for long but thoughts of stopping, of easing up were already present. As I continued the climb my mind relaxed and wandered backwards to time a long time ago in the Himalayas where I had had […]

How Businesses Can Gain from the Artistic Mind

Artists observe and listen and ask “What can I make of this?” They receive and perceive from a different perspective. They engage in their task at hand with an on-going joy in the process. And there’s more! It’s contagious! When we are in the presence of artistry it seems to bring out our own! We find […]

Our Clues on How to IDEATE Better

For 14 years now, we have been working with individuals and organisations drawing conversations and unearthing peoples’ invisible drivers and making them visible. We’ve looked at the Big Picture that results, and together we’ve drawn the connections and created a sense-making and a simplicity of what has been for many, a kind of mental complexity. This process has made difficulty […]

Understanding Diversity – Bringing our Creativity to the World

Arnold Weinstein grew up as an identical twin, which affected his perception of his identity. Most people could not tell him apart from his twin brother which meant he started life with a “blurrier” sense of his edges. In short, it gave him a fairly unique take on the world right from the start. Unlike most […]

The Natural Connectors

I realise that there are so many things we share as human beings, so many things we naturally come together on. When we seek out those NATURAL CONNECTORS with others, we are like musicians who have found the harmony between each other, and we are ready to begin the organisational or personal work at hand […]

Back to What Matters

Artists need freedom. Without it there is no room to create. It doesn’t get much worse when an artist feels there is not exit. In fact it can seem like your very existence is at stake. Someone helped me the other day crack through the thicket I had found myself in. And it was just […]

Seize the Day

It’s dark out; it’s quiet with a sense of waiting, hoping, longing. What we want to create this year will be different for each of us, but the desire to create and engage in whatever form will be in us all. New Year could be seen as a moment of initiation, of beginning, or of […]