Getting to Engagement, Ownership and Creativity May Be Easier than You Think

The way organisations are thinking about themselves is changing and that change is coming largely from the creativity of the people who make up organisations and the stories they are telling about themselves. More and more we are sensing that rather than bringing in experts on creativity we are starting to understand the necessity to […]

Big Picture Thinking – Art and Business Engaging Two Worlds Long Set at Odds

Big Picture Thinking is an evolving art form that is connecting right into the pulse of those in businesses and social and political organisations. Artists are really putting their creative wisdom at the centre of the business working-world; where left and right brain are meeting, engaging, communing and creating. As artistic facilitators working in companies, […]

A letter to you about what matters

This letter was written quite a while ago, but it is timeless I think.. dedicated to YOU I want you to know that there are few things in life that matter. I also want you to know that most of what you are TOLD matters, doesn’t. What really matters is that you are clear inside […]

Painting Potential at Leancamp Madrid

    We have just landed from an intense, full and highly creative weekend creating visual notes for the Leancamp Madrid Unconference I have found it hard to stop the creative flow since putting down the paint brushes, as there is so much that wants to come forth. In spite or perhaps because of the […]