Coaching Individual

Trabajamos juntos para lograr nuevos niveles de acción creativa en tu vida y/o en tu trabajo. Te ayudamos a que veas el mundo como un líder, tengas o no la función de liderar a otros. Y como siempre en nuestro trabajo, te llevamos al filo de tu creatividad.

Esto es para ti SI:

Estás cansado de intentar y forzar que las cosas salgan, y estás dispuesto a permitir una expansión real en tu vida, tu liderazgo y tu equipo.

  • Quieres realmente marcar una diferencia
  • Estás interesado en descubrir tu propia creatividad y sacarla a la luz en tus reuniones
  • Estás dispuesto a ser el líder de tu propia vida o a liderar a otros de forma inspirada y expansiva
  • Sabes lo importante que es para ti y para el mundo operar en un nivel completamente nuevo
  • Tienes el deseo de ESTAR operando con mucha mayor influencia e impactar en el mundo, y anhelas SER parte en la creación de un mundo que funciona

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Nancy Gonzalez (Spain/Mexico)

Trabajar con Vanessa no solo me ha ayudado a aumentar mi confianza si no también a creer que un proceso de coaching funciona, a saber el tipo de coach que quiero ser, a ser más comprensiva a generar un cambio del interior al exterior.

Su ayuda me ha servido tanto; estoy volando, viajando, buscando mi propio camino, creando mi propio ser y todo ello ha sido en gran parte gracias a su cariño y compresión.

He crecido en muchos aspectos en mi vida al tener las sesiones consigo pero sobre todo conocerle como coach me ha motivado, reafirmado a continuar con ganas y pasión en esta profesión, le ha ganando mi más profunda admiración.

Hannah (Spain)

The morning we had working together was a pivotal point for me. By the time I went to sleep at night the wisdom or the little shift which turned the screw that I have been agonizing to find, suddenly came to me.

The wrangle suddenly became a release and I felt things clearly – marrying head and heart – it came like a gift in the dessert and my conflict fell away.

It’s all so beautifully simple. I think I’ve hit on something and you have been a crucial part of that…

Thank you!


Olga Cuesta, Facilitator at Phuel, España/Australia

I have had the pleasure of working with Vanessa in more than one occasion and observe the creative mind and sensitivity that sets her apart making her unique in what she does.

Her ability to unleash potential is astonishing and gives you the inner self believe needed to achieve greater results.

Her coaching style is thoughtful, insightful, and totally committed to the clients needs.

Ann Voli, Coaching4PeaceofMind

Over a period of 4 years, I have had the gratifying experience of being coached by Vanessa. Her style of transformational coaching gracefully by-passes the obstacles and blocks thrown up by the mind, to access the deeper wisdom of images and intuition stored in the body. Every coaching session I have had with her has brought up surprising insights and breakthroughs that have helped me to move forward.


Kirsten Holmes, Personal Development Coach

Vanessa Jane has the extraordinary ability to summarize a situation in a rapid amount of time and provide solutions to problems in practical and creative ways. Working with Vanessa Jane has enabled me to know myself more thoroughly and to understand my unique talents I contribute to my growing business. Vanessa Jane is supportive, challenging and creative to work with and I would recommend her service to anyone who intends on growing themselves or their business in a holistic, authentic and truly sustainable way.

Sylvie Dunard (Spain/France) – Therapist/Healer

I started working with Vanessa in the middle of a life/business transition that was emotionally very painful. I was dealing with confusion and lack of clarity and confidence. I couldn’t start doing anything. I had lots of ideas but they kept changing. It was exhausting!

When Vanessa helped me to start visualizing the future as a reality, and create inspired steps towards it, using simple tools, I felt very strongly inside that fear was the only thing paralyzing me.

I noticed a big shift from the first to the last session with Vanessa. I became more confident while observing how my fears and doubts decreased and I started to shake myself and take action.

Vanessa has really given me clarity of direction and through working with her I have come to see the power of taking consistent action, even if they are baby steps. I know now that the most difficult part was to start moving, and now it’s done… I’m on my way.

She accompanied and gently guided me through my process and her powerful questions really deepened my understanding and raised my awareness of myself and what I had to do. Thanks to Vanessa, my inner voice has become stronger, coupled with my willingness to recognise and listen to it.

Working with Vanessa is like giving yourself a huge gift. If you feel that you are ready to transform your life or business but don’t know how, Vanessa will help you transform that perspective and make it happen.

Sylvie Dunard, Terapeuta e instructora de Seitai, Terapeuta Sanacion Reconectiva y la Reconexion, Malaga/Madrid, Syvlie works in Spanish and English  Tel: 661 049 914,